Connective story – The icy wind

Not a person heard my sobs. I sat at the end of a bush, the icy wind whisking my dark curls. My pale hazel eyes reflection bouncing off the crystal lake. At once I realised the situation and acted in an efficient way. I decided to gather my strength and look for my parents. ” Mum, Dad I ‘m here,” I loudly called. Despite my efforts no-one came.

I stood up as a tree brach fell beside me . As a result of  this I scraped my leg. It started bleeding and blood emerged from all areas. Therefore I wrapped my leg with my jumper, I still had severe pains.  At this point I had to keep going if I wanted to find help.

Later on I saw a small cottage in the distance. A man saw me and hence soon stopped hunting and came in my direction. The man had a small face and a thin smile. He pulled out a black bag before stuffing it back in. The man slyly but  warmly said ”I have come for your services,”. The man harshly lifted me and threw me down a dark hole! I watched his evil face emerge into the shadows.

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