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The link above is where you can find the address for the writing pieces I have used for this activity.

7. This is the least helpful for me because of the fact that they did not include the persons name, who they are – signing off with kindest regards etc and they made a few grammatical errors.

6. I think that number six is quite unhelpful for me because it uses slang language, has many grammatical errors and the they are not addressing who they are – signing off.

1. Number one is not very helpful because it uses slang language and has lots of grammatical errors.

4. This is not very helpful because it uses slang language, has grammatical errors and uses Emojis. Even though Emojis are ok when sent in emails to students not using them puts you in a routine because it is not very formal to use them in emails to teachers.

8. I think that number 8 is one of the most helpful because it has proper punctation, paragraphs and is formal.

3. This is very helpful because it includes formal language and they sign off.

5. Number five is quite helpful because it uses full sentences and has proper grammer.

2. Number two is the most helpful because itΒ  has proper sentences, use of paragraphs and it is formal.




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