Country of focus – China

1. Here is a picture of the Chinese flag.                   

Accordingly to official government interpretation, the red background symbolises the Chinese communist revolution. The four stars represents  harmony between the Chinese citizens under leadership of the Chinese communist party.

2. The country of China is located in the continent of Asia.

3. The capital city of China is Beijing. It has been the capital of China for about 3,000.

4. China is located in the Northern and Eastern Hemisphere.

5. The population of China is 1, 444, 216, 107. It is the most heavily populated country in the world!

6. The currency of China is Renminbi. It translates to ”People’s money”.

7. One connection that China has with Australia is; Australia is China’s 6th largest trading partner and 25% of manufactured imports for Australia come from China.

8. One interesting thing about China is that if all China’s railways were connected they could loop around the earth twice!

9. China shares its border with fourteen countries. Some are India, Pakistan, Mongolia and many more.

Connective story – The icy wind

Not a person heard my sobs. I sat at the end of a bush, the icy wind whisking my dark curls. My pale hazel eyes reflection bouncing off the crystal lake. At once I realised the situation and acted in an efficient way. I decided to gather my strength and look for my parents. ” Mum, Dad I ‘m here,” I loudly called. Despite my efforts no-one came.

I stood up as a tree brach fell beside me . As a result of  this I scraped my leg. It started bleeding and blood emerged from all areas. Therefore I wrapped my leg with my jumper, I still had severe pains.  At this point I had to keep going if I wanted to find help.

Later on I saw a small cottage in the distance. A man saw me and hence soon stopped hunting and came in my direction. The man had a small face and a thin smile. He pulled out a black bag before stuffing it back in. The man slyly but  warmly said ”I have come for your services,”. The man harshly lifted me and threw me down a dark hole! I watched his evil face emerge into the shadows.

About me!

My name is Manha and I am in Year 6.

I love Ice cream and my favourite type is the 48 flavours chocolate ice-cream.

My favourite colours are pastel pink, teal and white.

I like going to the beach with my friends.

I am really looking forward to being the Semester 2 secretary and am really looking forward to the year ahead!