Lockdown Life: Day 1

Lockdown Life: Day 1

Hello fellow bloggers,

This morning we were scheduled to have a whole school assembly but since whenever someone join it the platform began endlessly beeping and because of technical difficulties it was postponed.

Afterwards we had a class meeting and it was super fun to be able to see all my peers faces and we discussed about our holidays.

Our teacher then set us a task on the โ€˜History of Electricityโ€™, we made timelines and it was very interesting to learn about when electricity was discovered. Did you know Tesla is building the worldโ€™s largest lithium-ion battery right here in South Australia? How cool is that!

Next, we had French and Drama they were quite different but still very fun. During French we did this super upbeat dance that was very enjoyable. Here is the link if you want to try it out yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVhfIgghOPw. Did you like it, comment on this post what you thought of this routine?

Lunch was straight after, and I walked around a bit and began watching a Harry Potter movie but then halfway through Sarah and I started editing our Oliphant Science Competition entry for Multimedia.

Subsequently we made posters about online learning etiquette. Here is my poster if you want to see it!

Online learning ettiquite

Finally, we did a holiday reflection, we could choose whether we wanted to write or be more artistic.

I hope you stay safe and maybe have some fun during lockdown!




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